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Why my wife deserves a getaway weekend

This essay was entered for a chance to win a getaway weekend for my wife. Sorry to say it didn’t win, however, she is still deserving.

Susie is a home maker and a loving super-mom of four children aged 3, 5, 7, and 8. She is always on the go and puts her husband (me) to shame. Susie is active in her church, teaching pre-schoolers Sunday school class and every Monday she hosts a women’s group. She is always on the look out for items to send for missionaries and relief in Africa. Family is most important to her and she makes time to make the children happy and have fun by picking them up from school some days so they don’t have to take the bus home and taking them for ice cream or just to come home and have more time with them. Even though her husband works until after 6 pm, she would rather wait for him and have dinner as a family, than to eat earlier. After a long day and often an achy back, Susie likes to enjoy a long walk in the evening to clear her head and meditate on the days happenings. She is my best friend and she needs this getaway weekend with whom she would like to take her mother, her sister and her sister-in-law.